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Kit #001, Fairchild model 71


Honest, this takes less time to do than to explain (so far). Vac veterans will most likely have already worked all of this out.
I should mention that the kit used for this demonstration is a quality-control reject. Details aren't as soft on sales quality kits, though the chine-sharpening tips in the kit instructions will apply, regardless...
Photo 5. Sharp inside corners are hard to just snap away, so score right on by them and go in afterward with a razor saw. I only use pulling strokes with the saw, to avoid any tendency to roll or twist the parts.

Photo 6. Now you can score along the part...

Photo 7. ...and break away the remaining scrap:

Photo 8. A little trimming along the edge with the hobby knife and this will be ready for sanding. I usually give the parts a trim with a knife just to save sanding time and reduce the amount of dust generated.

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