Alaska Bush Pilot - the Roy Dickson Website

Arctic Decals offers many interesting civil markings for a wide range of existing model kits including Khee-Kha's:

Coopers Models - A source for decals for Khee-Kha bush plane kits:

Draw Decals offers an excellent range of interesting decals, including some distinctly Alaskan subjects. Check out their sheets for the Grumman Goose, Ford Trimotor, Twin Otter and more:

Red Pegasus Decals - Specializes in markings for post war Thompson, Bendix, Mojave and Reno Unlimiteds.

Dekno Models make very nice resin kits.

Internet Modelers

International Plastic Modelers Society, USA

Lars Opland Collection (aircraft photos)

Lima November Decals

Wings of Peace photo gallery

Images Canada (search for "Fairchild" and "Bellanca")

Spirit of Wenatchee - planned re-enectment of the first non stop flight across the Pacific in 1931

US Civil Aviation 1919-1939 Civil.html

ContourCreative Studio Ltd. - Paper models from the Golden Age (Art Deco aviation art and collectibles)

FAIRCHILD FC-2W2 "Stars & Stripes" Antarctic Expedition Illustrated by Shigeo Koike

Khee-Kha model kits are stocked in limited numbers by several shops and distributors. One might be in your area:
Australia:   Southern Sky Models
Massachusetts, USA:   DMC Models
Netherlands:   Aviation Megastore
South Africa:   Micks Models CC (mobile: 0763169474)

Here are 2 views of a Curtiss Robin charm/pendant done by Lars for a Gold Rush Jewelry customer.

Wingspan is about 2 cm.