"Tania and Mike... are definitely a partnership made in heaven. They are quite simply one of the most original and interesting musical combinations you're ever likely to see! Between them they weave a fascinating musical tapestry."
- Chester Folk Festival, Kelsall, Cheshire, UK

"Unquestionably the most talented duo we have ever had at this club... I've never seen so much variety in a single set."
- The Song Loft, Milton Keynes, England

"I listened to your first set on the radio and hurried down here to catch the rest of the show in person. I couldn't believe it when I walked in and saw that there were only two of you!"
- 'Bound for Glory,' WVBR, Ithaca, New York, USA

"An excellent performance of traditional, contemporary and original material in diverse ethnic styles, which held a capacity audience captivated. Latecomers lined up outside in the rain for a chance to get in between sets!
A memorable evening of contrasts laced with quick-witted humour."
- Cowichan Folk Guild, Duncan, B.C., Canada

"We were very pleased to welcome Tania Opland & Mike Freeman, who gave us an inspired evening of entertainment, greatly enjoyed by all. Those who haven't seen Tania & Mike live should try & remedy this if they can; they are talented performers across a range of instruments, & Tania has a terrific voice which she uses to full effect in a rich variety of songs from different countries."
- Mad Nanny! Folk Club, Letchworth, England

TANIA OPLAND & MIKE FREEMAN - at Otley Folk Club [U.K.]
"What a brilliant night! Eclectic isn't the word for this pair. Or, no, hang on yes, eclectic IS the word. Tania was brought up in Anchorage Alaska, and now has a house in a village on an Indian reservation called Squip... Squoo... er, near Seattle. Mike comes from Crumpsall, but maybe that seems exotic to Tania.
From the start the audience was treated to a whirlwind trip round most of the northern hemisphere, starting "Somewhere in America" (-Bogle), ... visiting en route, Norway, Russia and Byelorussia, with a brief aside for an Inupiaq (let's say Eskimo) welcome-dance song. This might not be your usual diet when visiting the local club, but it was far from indigestible, leavened as it was with more usual contemporary and traditional tunes and songs, together with plenty of humour and anecdote.
This was one of those evenings which occasionally comes to the more adventurous folk clubs, where the audience, not having quite known what to expect, finds itself having a really good time, and then wishing that they could instantly import all their friends who are missing out.
So the message is, next time you have the chance to see Tania & Mike, go along. You might not get to sing "Byker Hill", but you won't be disappointed.
- Jim Lawton, Tykes' News, England

"I wanted to pass along my compliments for a terrific set at Folklife last weekend.
I caught your act at the KSER radio stage and enjoyed it immensely. After attending for 17 years, it's gratifying to discover people I haven't seen before who, besides playing enthralling music, clearly enjoy their art. Yours was my favorite performance of Folklife! Thanks."
- Dan Everhart, audience member, Folklife Festival, Seattle, Washington, USA

"Incredible combination - Tania's Slavic songs to the Renaissance music of France to Gaelic and Celtic music, all flavored by Mike's African and Middle Eastern rhythms..."
- Potbelly Potpourri (newsletter), Port Orchard, Washington, USA

"A remarkably fine duo ... if you get within 100 miles of a gig - don't miss them!"
- StortFolk webpage, England

"Very talented musicians with an eclectic selection of tunes and songs... As diverse as Mike and Tania's programme was, it was surpassed by the bewildering array of instruments which they played to deliver it..."
- Folk Northwest, England

"Tania Opland and Mike Freeman provide multinational, multi-instrumental music of a high order. Mike is a percussionist of great diversity... Their lively performance tickled our ears and our minds!"
- Huntington Folk Music Society, Long Island, New York, USA


"Wit, verve and passion characterize Opland's performances of medieval, Celtic and Eastern European songs."
- Islands Folk Festival, British Columbia, Canada

"You sing with the spirit of the Russian people."
- Galina Khomchik, Moscow Gosteleradio, Russia

"...And thanks to Tania for opening the concert. Next time, though, could I have a support act who's not quite so good?"
- Eric Bogle at Rochester Sweeps, England

"An exciting percussionist, Mike is also an excellent and innovative dance caller. On the subject of drums, if it doesn't move he'll hit it - if it does he'll tie it down and then hit it and, like everything else, with style."
- Whitchurch Festival, England

"When I heard that Tania Opland was working with a partner, my first thought was 'Why?' Now I know."
- Denholm Folk Club, Scotland

"What a treat it was to have you with us. I have never seen the smiles and heard the laughs that I witnessed on that dance floor. Thank you!"
- Kari Lundgren, Dance Organizer, Sitka, Alaska

"We've had the privilege of playing a couple of ceilidhs behind Mike at Seattle's Ballard Eagles dance. Those were really great evenings, thanks to Mike. He's a great showman, besides being a crisp and knowledgeable teacher/caller of ceilidhs. There was at least as good a crowd response as for the 'name' Brit callers, Pete Coe and John Kirkpatrick, whom we've played behind in the past."
- Phil Katz, Dance Musician and Organizer, Seattle, Washington

"Everyone who heard you can hardly wait for your return."
- Lillian Prevette, Wrangell Arts Council, Alaska