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 Kit #003, Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker


Some basic components, cut out. The excess plastic has been left on the front end of the roof to ease curling it around a round knife handle. This curl will ease fuselage assembly later:

Doors, windows and control surfaces can all benefit from scribing early on in the build.

Some of the locator tabs ended up too far away from the edge, so I added more. These plus the floor-and-bulkhead assembly, properly dried, let you assemble the fuselage without 6 hands; taping the sides and bottom together first helps too:

You can't test-fit too often... (Here I'm checking the spiling in the bottom seams forward.)

...or use too many rubber bands (See that tiny hole just forward of the wing spar cutout? There's one at the tail, too. I wire pinned and taped the 2 sides together for final sanding to get them exactly the same shape).

Still just test-fitting; the interior can wait:



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