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 Kit #002, Bellanca CH-400 Skyrocket

(read Internet Modeler's review of this kit)

(read a build review of the CH-400 on K-4650 floats)



EDO Xa-5400 floats, for the Bellanca CH-400 Skyrocket:

This float was also used on some Alaska Star Airlines Bellanca CH-300 Pacemakers in later service and one CH-400 Skyrocket sea plane, NC10794 "Asulinak", was flown most of the way around the world by Dr. Richard Light in 1934.

Edo K-4650

Edo K-4650 floats:

perfect for most Bellanca Pacemaker and Lockheed Vega floatplane replicas.

Comes with 4 mooring cleats and a double-sided 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of general arrangement drawings for K-4650 installation on a Lockheed Vega, with color scheme information for 2 Lockheed Vega floatplanes and one Bellanca Pacemaker floatplane.

Click here for a build review of the CH-400 on K-4650 floats, by Gabriel Stern.

The Star Air Service Bellanca CH-400 Skyrocket float plane package.

With EDO Xa-5400 floats.
Markings for NC781W & NC10795 are included:

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