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Kit #004, the Waco YKS cabin biplane in 1/72 scale.

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This kit comes with vac-formed airframe parts, including floatplane tail fin, and resin engine, instrument panel and dash, tail wheel, Curtiss-Reid prop and Hamilton-Standard prop.


Claudio Luchina converted his Waco to a wide-track VKS-7 and added an after-market Continental engine -->

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Edo 3834

Edo 38-3430 floats for the Waco YKS-6:

An Edo "flat-top" for the Stearman 76D-1, Cessna 195, Helio Courier, Stinson SR-5, L-13, Beech B-17L and C-17L, Waco CUC, YOC, DJC-6, ZQC-6, UEC, UIC, UKC, YKC-S...and of course the YKS-6, ZKS-7 and more.

The set comes with rudders, tiller bars, mooring cleats and a 2-sided sheet with scale installation 3-view, color notes and historical information on 3 Waco cabin biplanes.

Edo P3300

Edo P-3300 floats for the Waco YKS.

Intended as a companion item to the Waco YKS, this type was also specified for the Stearman C-3B, C-3R, Stinson JR-SR, SM-2, SM-8, Curtiss Robin, TravelAir 4D, Security Airster, Waco UEC, UIC, UKC & CJC.

Each pair comes with 6 deck cleats: 4 for your model and 2 for the "carpet monster"



*New Release! *

The Ellis Air Transport Waco YKS-6, with Edo P-3300 floats & Arctic Decals:

Waco Ellis

Waco YKS NC16210 was brought to Alaska, fresh from the factory, by Bob Ellis in the summer of 1936.

In 1941 Ellis, already a Naval Reserve officer, was activated and for three months after Pearl Harbor he flew this Waco on antisubmarine patrol out of Ketchikan. A hole was cut in the floor through which a 100 lb. bomb could be dropped, and one rifle was also carried.

The Ellis Waco package, as built by the Khee-Kha staff modeler:

(Read a build article on the Aircraft Resource Center web site).

Ruben Husberg of Lima November Decals has released a limited edition kit of the Norwegian Waco YKS-7, LN-EAO, with Khee-Kha moldings for the airframe & Edo 38-3430 floats, & neatly printed decals for 2 color schemes including a WWII ambulance.
This kit is available from LIMA NOVEMBER DECALS :


Claudio Luchina converted his Waco to a wide-track VKS-7 and added an after-market Continental engine:

Read Claudio's review of this kit on the Aircraft Resource Center webpage.

Steve Kallan wasted no time turning out an Ellis Air Transport floatplane from the YKS-6 kit:

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