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 Kit #001, Fairchild model 71


Getting out the Fairchild 71, starting with some vacuform basics:

Photo 1 shows some initial scribe lines to be made with the hobby knife, highlighted in pencil here. Straight runs between the arrows are best cut along a straightedge, when you get to them.

Photo 2. Scribing freehand along the base of raised parts goes pretty easy.

Photo 3. As long as curves are kept gentle, breaking along the scores only takes a couple of bends back and forth. Unscored sheet styrene will flex A LOT before it actually breaks.

Photo 4. The front fuselage halves and "turtle deck" fairing are kept in one piece until after they have been sanded to the center seam of those halves (the level of the surface of the surrounding scrap); it's just better that way...


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