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Kit #001, Fairchild model 71 / FC-2W2


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* Floats * Limited edition Pacific International Airways and Pacific Alaska Airways packages with floats & decals *
* Photos from model builders *

* Detailed photos of the building process *

Fairchild builders will no longer be called upon to make their own wire intake elbows; the resin engine part has been improved:


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Fairchild P-6 floats

Each pair of cast resin floats comes with 6 mooring cleats and a 2-sided sheet of drawings providing 3 views of the float installation and 2 color schemes for Alaskan F.71's, with technical and historical notes.

Edo J-5300

Edo J-5300 floats

suitable for the Khee-Kha Fairchild 71, Alaska Coastal Airways Vegas after 1944, or for converting the Special Hobby Lockheed Orion into Wiley Post's red and silver Orion/Explorer. Additional uses may occur to the dedicated scratchbuilder; these floats were specified for the Fokker Super Universal and Consolidated Fleetster.

Comes with 4 mooring cleats and a double-sided 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of general arrangement drawings and color scheme profiles for 2 Alaskan Fairchild 71's and a Canadian FC-2W2 on J-5300's.

Master carved by Jim Schubert.

Pacific Alaska Airways Fairchild 71, with EDO J-5300 floats and Arctic Decals.
History notes, color 3-view and float strut diagram included.

Limited edition Pacific International Airways F.71 kit with floats and decals: (photos)

Bob Cameron of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, sent in these photos of his pair of Northern Airways/Whitehorse Flying Services Fairchild models. Whiskey Jack decals, and floats from Khee-Kha and Matchbox, combined with craftsmanship and clever photography, made quite a display out of this pair. CF-BXF is the FC-2W2 she appears to be here, but CF-BXF is called an F.71C; perhaps a technicality due to the horsepower of the engine...

Eric Hagedorn of British Columbia, Canada sent these photos of his Khee-Kha Fairchild, skillfully converted to a Fairchild 71C, sporting scratchbuilt skis and decals from Whiskey Jack Decals:

The F.71 Pacific International Airways of Alaska package, as built by Khee-Kha's staff model builder:

NC142H "Pribilof" was used in the Alaskan bush by a fur smuggler and a missionary during its career. Percy Hubbard was flying it for Service Airways of Fairbanks when wrecked while searching for a missing fellow aviator in 1935:

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