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-> Floats
-> Limited edition kits
-> Plan set & monograph
-> Decals (link to maker, not a Khee-kha item)


"Man, even though they look good on the web site, the photos don't do them justice. These are superb! You've done an amazing job on them... to put it mildly, I'm VERY impressed with the [Turbo Otter] set I ordered and will probably be ordering others just to have." -Corbin Haldane

Turbo Otter Vazar nose conversion
Click here to see Michel Leonardi's Vazar Otter with Rust's decals; a neat diorama.
Click on photo for more details on this build by Wolfgang Stadler.
Turbo Otter Vazar nose conversion, 9 parts.
1/72 scale resin castings for the Hobbycraft kit.

Also now available as part of a set with
Arctic Decals sheets for K2 Aviation
or Rust's Flying Service.


Click on photo for more on this build by Eric Hagedorn.
:Whistler Air
"Fits like a glove." -Eric Hagedorn

Waco Custom Cabin upgrade set
for the Dujin 1/72 resin Waco ZQC-6.

This set includes a cast resin Jacobs engine and Curtiss-Reid prop, as molded for the Khee-Kha Waco YKS-6, plus a correct clear vac-formed canopy with rounded corner windows as used on all Waco Custom Cabin sesquiplanes, and a 1936 style Custom Cabin instrument panel. A sheet detailing recommended modifications to the Dujin kit and a correctly scaled 3-view diagram, based on Waco factory drawings, is also provided.


Airglide C3200 hydraulic wheel-skis
for the Cessna 180 and 185:

Each set comes with a page of technical information, installation suggestions & diagrams.


Tundra Tires 31 inch

31" Tundra Tires.

Cast resin scale 31" tundra tires for KP's 1:72 Piper L-18/PA-18 Super Cub kit.


1/72 scale Edo upgrade set.

This set provides standard Edo Beaching gear for Otters, Kingfishers, Beech 18's, Northrop N-3PB's and others. Seaplanes like the Otter and Beech 18 used four units; single-float aircraft like the Kingfisher used two. Six deck cleats are also included; that's two for the "carpet monster" in most cases.


1/72 scale Wright J-6 Whirlwind,

same as on the Khee-Kha Pacemaker kit, with Hamilton Standard ground-adjustable prop and 1 exhaust manifold of your choice (please specify single or double exhaust). Perfect for accurizing, conversions and scratchbuilding; many possible applications.


Trimotor "shipsets"

a package of 3 complete sets of the Wright J-6 engine, exhaust manifold and propeller castings, for use in converting existing Ford or Fokker trimotor kits to other versions. (Also an economical way to get a few of these for other scratchbuilding or conversion projects.)

cargo pod

A belly cargo pod for the Cessna 185.

Tundra tires and 3-bladed Hartzel prop shown here are included with the basic Cessna 180/185 kit.


Khee-Kha's first 1:48 scale parts set:
an all-resin McKinnon engine conversion for the Grumman Widgeon, designed to fit the AZ Models and Classic Airframes kits.


The set includes parts for one Widgeon conversion as shown, 2 complete assemblies with optional round or sharp spinners,
scaled 3-view drawing, and installation tips.

resin EDO 2000 float set

Resin EDO 2000 float set

to fit CMR, KP & Airmodel 1:72 Piper PA-18/L-18 Super Cubs, & Arii/Minicraft Piper PA-28 Cherokee.
Also replaces the floats in the Airfix Auster Antarctic & Arii/Minicraft Cessna 172.


EDO Xa-5400 floats, for the Bellanca CH-400 Skyrocket:

This float was also used on some Alaska Star Airlines Bellanca CH-300 Pacemakers in later service and one CH-400 Skyrocket sea plane, NC10794 "Asulinak", was flown most of the way around the world by Dr. Richard Light in 1934.

Alex Bigey finished his 2nd Cessna 185 with EDO 2960 floats and Norwegian markings from Lima November Decals:Alex Bigey build

EDO 2960 floats for the Cessna 185:

Similar to the 2870 but longer and thinner at the stern, and sized for the Cessna 185.


Edo 3834

Edo 38-3430 floats for the Waco YKS-6:

An Edo "flat-top" for the Stearman 76D-1, Cessna 195, Helio Courier, Stinson SR-5, L-13, Beech B-17L and C-17L, Waco CUC, YOC, DJC-6, ZQC-6, UEC, UIC, UKC, YKC-S...and of course the YKS-6, ZKS-7 and more.

The set comes with rudders, tiller bars, mooring cleats and a 2-sided sheet with scale installation 3-view, color notes and historical information on 3 Waco cabin biplanes.


Edo 39-4000
Edo 39-4000

Edo 39-4000 floats:

1/72 scale, for use with the Dujin Waco ZQC-6 or VLE Fokker Universal.

These floats were also used on the Beech B-17E, R, C-17R, E-17B and F-17D Staggerwings, Ryan B-5 Brougham, Stinson SR-6, SR-7, SR-8, SR-9 and SR-10.

Each pair comes with rudders, tiller bars, mooring cleats, an accurate general arrangement drawing of the Waco Custom Cabin installation, color and history notes for 3 Canadian Waco ZQC-6 float planes.


Edo P3300

Edo P-3300 floats for the Waco YKS:

Intended as a companion item to the Waco YKS, this type was also specified for the Stearman C-3B, C-3R, Stinson JR-SR, SM-2, SM-8, Curtiss Robin, TravelAir 4D, Security Airster, Waco UEC, UIC, UKC & CJC.

Each pair comes with 6 deck cleats: 4 for your model and 2 for the "carpet monster"


 Fairchild P-6 floats:

for the Khee-Kha Fairchild 71 are now available. Each pair of cast resin floats comes with 6 mooring cleats and a 2-sided sheet of drawings providing 3 views of the float installation and 2 color schemes for Alaskan F.71's, with technical and historical notes.


Edo J-5300

Edo J-5300 floats:

suitable for the Khee-Kha Fairchild 71, Alaska Coastal Airways Vegas after 1944, or for converting the Special Hobby Lockheed Orion into Wiley Post's red and silver Orion/Explorer. Additional uses may occur to the dedicated scratchbuilder (see below); these floats were specified for the Fokker Super Universal and Consolidated Fleetster.

Comes with 4 mooring cleats and a double-sided 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of general arrangement drawings and color scheme profiles for 2 Alaskan Fairchild 71's and a Canadian FC-2W2 on J-5300's.

Based on masters produced originally by Jim Schubert.

Max Lacobara equipped his scratch-built Fokker Super Universal with Edo J-5300 floats from Khee-Kha Art. > right >

(The "water" is an odorless, non-toxic product from Woodland Scenics.)

(Click here to see another J-5300 float application, by Gabriel Stern.)


Edo K-4650

Edo K-4650 floats:

perfect for most Bellanca Pacemaker and Lockheed Vega floatplane replicas.

Comes with 4 mooring cleats and a double-sided 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of general arrangement drawings for K-4650 installation on a Lockheed Vega, with color scheme information for 2 Lockheed Vega floatplanes and one Bellanca Pacemaker floatplane.

Click here for a build review of the CH-400 on K-4650 floats, by Gabriel Stern.


Edo 2870 floats:

for the Cessna 180/185 series -Kit #005.



The Ellis Air Transport Waco YKS-6, with Edo P-3300 floats & Arctic Decals:

Waco Ellis


Waco YKS NC16210 was brought to Alaska, fresh from the factory, by Bob Ellis in the summer of 1936.

In 1941 Ellis, already a Naval Reserve officer, was activated and for three months after Pearl Harbor he flew this Waco on antisubmarine patrol out of Ketchikan. A hole was cut in the floor through which a 100 lb. bomb could be dropped, and one rifle was also carried.

(Read a build article on the Aircraft Resource Center web site).

The Vazar Turbo-Otter conversion set is now available with Arctic Decals sheets for
K2 Aviation or Kenmore Air.
Decals listed here as "discontinued" are still available from the producer at these links:
Rust's Flying Service -:- Harbour Air -:- PIA F.71

The package, with one decal sheet of your choice, includes Mika's usual outstanding color diagrams.


Khee-Kha Art Products has a very limited supply of Kenmore Air decal sheets from Arctic Decals for the Vazar Turbo Otter conversion set;
a complete set of markings and trim for any one of 5 aircraft. Sold with the resin set only:ARC72-048 Kenmore Air Turbo Otter
HarbourAir Turbo Otter decals **DISCONTINUED** (still available from Arctic Decals)
Included registration letters and other particular markings for 6 Canadian aircraft and for one flown out of Grand Harbor, Malta:
HarborAir decals ad
K2 Aviation usually operates their Turbo-Otters on skis.
Rust's often flies on floats in summer. **DISCONTINUED** (still available from Arctic Decals)
(Click here to see Michel Leonardi's Vazar Otter with Rust's decals; a neat diorama.)Rusts-Otter

Limited edition Pacific Alaska Airways Fairchild 71 package, with EDO J-5300 floats and Arctic Decals.
History notes, color 3-view and float strut diagram included. (PRICES AND ORDERING INFO.)

The Star Air Service Bellanca CH-400 Skyrocket float plane package.

With EDO Xa-5400 floats.
Markings for NC781W and NC10795 are included:


Star Air Service Bellanca Pacemaker float plane package:

We have a small supply of Star Air Service Pacemaker packages in stock; the Bellanca CH-300 kit, a pair of EDO K-4650 floats and Arctic Decals ARC72-042. Mika's very complete decal set comes with a very high-quality color multi-view diagram, historical notes and an option to build one of 2 different Star Air Bellancas:

NC-259M "Aquila" as flown by Steve Mills in 1934 on the first ever Anchorage to Seattle round trip commercial passenger flight...

...or fleet number 4, NC-690E with the older type "bow-legged" cantilever landing gear struts, so typical of the earlier Bellancas. Judging by photos, NC-690E appears to have served with Star Air Service from the summer of 1933 through winter of 1939 or 1940, at least.

**DISCONTINUED** K2 Aviation "Denali Taxi" with resin ski set;
decals and thoroughly researched double-sided full-color specs sheet by Arctic Decals.

Each decal set comes with registrations for three different aircraft and enough trim, prop logos, etc. to detail two complete models.

**DISCONTINUED** Limited edition CH-300 "Lituanica" kit:
These include the basic Pacemaker kit plus extra wing and horizontal stabilizer parts to extend the kit wing and tail to J-300 Long Distance Special configuration, a diagram sheet detailing this conversion work, and decals from Arctic Decals of Finland. Included with the decals is a detailed color 3-view of the famous Lithuanian transAtlantic Bellanca and a history brochure with useful photos.

**DISCONTINUED** (decals still available from Arctic Decals) Pacific International Airways F.71 kit:


PLAN SET and MONOGRAPH for Russel Merrill's Anchorage Air Transport TravelAir CW/7000,
1/72 or 1/48 scale:


Finally, a plan set for one of the most famous and most rare of all bush planes. Only two were flown and only one had a radial engine.This item consists of one color page and five b&w pages for the 1/48 scale set, or one color page and three b&w pages for the 1/72 scale set, printed on one side each and corner stapled.

A brief history,two color profiles, multiple plan views, fuselage sections, landing gear and float options; just the thing for the scale scratch builder, bush aviation buff or anyone interested in very rare and esoteric commercial aircraft.



Ruben Husberg of LIMA NOVEMBER DECALS has released a limited edition kit of the Norwegian Waco YKS-7, LN-EAO, with Khee-Kha moldings for the airframe and Edo 38-3430 floats, and neatly printed decals for 2 color schemes including a WWII ambulance.
This kit is NOT available from Khee-Kha; order directly from LIMA NOVEMBER DECALS.

Extra nose parts in the MPM Vega floatplane kit add the possibility of modelling some very interesting examples of the type:

^ Alaska-Washington Airways Lockheed Vega NC103W "Juneau", circa 1930 (above)^

v ...then there's the Norwegian Vega, N-41/LN-ABD "Qarrtsiluni"; an Antarctic explorer (below). v

(Illustrations by Lars Opland)

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