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Kit #003, Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker

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Edo K-4650

Edo K-4650 floats

perfect for most Bellanca Pacemaker and Lockheed Vega floatplane replicas.

Comes with 4 mooring cleats and a double-sided 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of general arrangement drawings for K-4650 installation on a Lockheed Vega, with color scheme information for 2 Lockheed Vega floatplanes and one Bellanca Pacemaker floatplane.

Click here for a build review of the CH-400 on K-4650 floats, by Gabriel Stern.

Star Air Service Bellanca Pacemaker float plane package

We have a small supply of Star Air Service Pacemaker packages in stock; the Bellanca CH-300 kit, a pair of EDO K-4650 floats and Arctic Decals ARC72-042. Mika's very complete decal set comes with a very high-quality color multi-view diagram, historical notes and an option to build one of 2 different Star Air Bellancas:

NC-259M "Aquila" as flown by Steve Mills in 1934 on the first ever Anchorage to Seattle round trip commercial passenger flight...
profile 1

...or fleet number 4, NC-690E with the older type "bow-legged" cantilever landing gear struts, so typical of the earlier Bellancas. Judging by photos, NC-690E appears to have served with Star Air Service from the summer of 1933 through winter of 1939 or 1940, at least.
profile 2

**DISCONTINUED** "Wop" May's Bellanca Pacemaker, CH-300 CF-AKI

Wilfrid "Wop" May's Bellanca Pacemaker: first to deliver air mail to Canada's Arctic coast and first aircraft used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to track a fugitive, CH-300 CF-AKI. The decal set, produced by Thunderbird Models, comes with color profiles, a short history and options to do Commercial Airways' Aklavik mail flight, Rat River manhunt or Canadian Airways livery.

Before "Wop" May became a legendary pioneer bush pilot, he had already gained fame as the man the Red Baron was trying to shoot down when his last flight ended.

The kit with floats & decals is $40, or with decals but without floats for $30. Skis are a "builder's option".

**DISCONTINUED** Limited edition "Lituanica" kit.

These include the basic Pacemaker kit plus extra wing and horizontal stabilizer parts to extend the kit wing and tail to J-300 Long Distance Special configuration, a diagram sheet detailing this conversion work, and decals from Arctic Decals of Finland. Included with the decals is a detailed color 3-view of the famous Lithuanian transAtlantic Bellanca and a history brochure with useful photos.

Claudio Luchina has combined the CH-300 kit & some home made ink jet decals to nicely capture the first airplane of what is now Hawaiian Airlines. The original NC251M is still airworthy and has recently been re-acquired by Hawaiian Air:
Claudio has finished another Khee-Kha Bellanca - with his usual flair for the unusual - which can be seen on his blog.

Claudio's third Pacemaker on Wings of Intent; this time a corporate "jet":

Justin Walbrugh in England built one of the Khee-Kha Pacemakers, and added homemade markings and his own Edo K-4650's to represent "Shakey Jake" as operated by Marine Airways out of Juneau, Alaska in 1939.

Click here to read Justin's review of this kit on internetmodeler.com.

Steve Kallan added Khee-Kha resin K-4650 floats to his Pacemaker and modeled Cordova Air Service's NC167N "Eyak":

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