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Kit #005, the Cessna 180/185 series in 1/72 scale

* Floats, wheel-skis, limited edition K2 Aviation "Denali Taxi" kit *
* Photos from model builders *
* NEW PHOTOS: Harry Follas sent more photos of Cessna models he's building in New Zealand. *

Vac molded as a post-1960 Cessna 180 with optional 185 tail, tundra tires and early 180 nose.

Printed patterns are included for marking out early or late cabin windows.

Resin parts include 2 nose bowls, 3 propellers, instrument panel, control columns & tail wheel.


Read a review of this kit.


Airglide C3200 hydraulic wheel-skis

Each set comes with a page of technical information, installation suggestions & diagrams.


Edo 2870 floats

Each pair comes with 6 deck cleats: 4 for your model and 2 for the "carpet monster"

EDO 2960 floats for the Cessna 185:

Similar to the 2870, but longer and thinner at the stern.

cargo pod

A belly cargo pod for the Cessna 185.

Tundra tires and 3-bladed Hartzel prop shown here are included with the basic Cessna 180/185 kit.

Alexandre Bigey finished his second Khee-Kha Cessna 185 with the EDO 2960 floats and Norwegian markings from Lima November Decals:Alex Bigey build

Will Alcott enlisted his Cessna in the RAAF. Thanks again, Will!
c180 by Will Alcott

Alex Bigey finished his Cessna 185 in Australian airliner markings. The stickers are from Ronin Decals in Australia:

Click here to read Alex's review of this kit on ARC.

Here's one built and photographed by Steve Kallan:
Steve Kallan build
"My compliments to you on this vac- it was well thought out and well executed; once past the cutting out of the window areas the rest is a dream to put together." -Steve Kallan

Once again highlighting the versatility of the Khee-Kha 180/185 kit, Long Luu finished his Cessna as a U-17 of the VNAF:Long Luu's Cessna finished as a U-17 of the VNAF

Harry Follas finished his 185 with home-made ink jet decals and a super mask-and-airbrush job.

Harry Follas's build

Harry Follas's build

"My completed Cessna 185, a ski-plane with Mount Cook Airlines of New Zealand around about 1977. A great model kit, I'm very glad you produced it." -Harry Follas
Harry Follas continues to send photos of Cessna models he's building for himself and others now on his 1:72 assembly line in New Zealand. Lovely custom decal work here:

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