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Fairchild 71 * Bellanca Skyrocket * Bellanca Pacemaker * Waco YKS * Cessna 180/185 * floats/parts
Kit #001, Fairchild model 71 / FC-2W2

Bob Cameron
* Eric Hagedorn * Claudio Luchina * Lars Opland * Charles Christenson

BOB CAMERON of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, sent in these photos of his pair of Northern Airways/Whitehorse Flying Services Fairchild models. Whiskey Jack decals, and floats from Khee-Kha and Matchbox, combined with craftsmanship and clever photography, made quite a display out of this pair. CF-BXF is the FC-2W2 she appears to be here, but CF-BXH is called an F.71C; perhaps a technicality due to the horsepower of the engine...

ERIC HAGEDORN of British Columbia, Canada sent these photos of his Khee-Kha Fairchild, skillfully converted to a Fairchild 71C, sporting scratchbuilt skis and decals from Whiskey Jack Decals:

Panagra overhead viewCLAUDIO LUCHINA
has done it again...
an FC-2W2 of Panagra,
with his own ink jet decals.

(link to Claudio's blog)

Panagra Fairchild in the sunset

Panagra rear view

The F.71 Pacific International Airways of Alaska package, as built by Khee-Kha's staff model builder:

CHARLES CHRISTENSON opted for the Wien Alaska Airlines profile in the EDO J-5300 package and used dry transfers on his eye-catching F.71:

Charles Christenson F71

Charles Christenson again with Bob Reeve's F.71 NC119H, with masked & dry transfer markings, on scratch-built skis:
 Kit #002, Bellanca CH-400 Skyrocket

Lars Opland * Carmel Attard

As built by Khee-Kha's staff model builder:

Carmel Attard finished the Khee-Kha Skyrocket with modified Hobbycraft Beaver floats and ALPS logos to create a Star Air Service CH-400, circa 1939:

 Kit #003, Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker

Justin Walbrugh * Steve Kallan * Claudio Luchina


JUSTIN WALBRUGH in England built one of the Khee-Kha Pacemakers, and added homemade markings and his own Edo K-4650's to represent "Shakey Jake" as operated by Marine Airways out of Juneau, Alaska in 1939.

justin2 Click here to read Justin's review of this kit on internetmodeler.com.

STEVE KALLAN added Khee-Kha resin K-4650 floats to his Pacemaker and modeled Cordova Air Service's NC167N "Eyak":

CLAUDIO LUCHINA combined the CH-300 kit and some home made ink jet decals to nicely capture the first airplane of what is now Hawaiian Airlines. The original NC251M is still airworthy and has recently been re-acquired by Hawaiian Air:
Claudio finished another Khee-Kha Bellanca - with his usual flair for the unusual - which can be seen on his blog.
Claudio's third Pacemaker on Wings of Intent; this time a corporate "jet":

 Kit #004, the Waco YKS cabin biplane

Claudio Luchina * Steve Kallan * Charles Christenson * Tim Nelson * Carmel Attard

Tim Nelson printed his own Spilsbury & Hepburn Radio decals and converted the Khee-Kha Waco YKS-6 into this Canadian YKC-S on EDO 38-3430 floats; the first aircraft of the soon-to-be Queen Charlotte Airways, "The Accidental Airline".
Charles Christenson built the Waco YKS-6 kit as the YKC owned by "Red" Flensberg at Dillingham, Alaska, circa 1939-40, adding EDO 38-3430 floats, a resin "bumpy" cowl also molded here at Khee-Kha and dry transfer markings:
More stunning trick photography by Carmel Attard, with Khee-Kha's Waco YKS-6 Ellis Air Transport package:

CLAUDIO LUCINA converted his Waco to a wide-track VKS-7 & and added an after-market Continental engine:




STEVE KALLAN wasted no time turning out an Ellis Air Transport floatplane from the YKS-6 kit:


 Kit #005, the Cessna 180/185 series

Will Alcott * Alex Bigey * Steve Kallan * Long Luu * Harry Follas

WILL ALCOTT enlisted his Cessna in the RAAF. Thanks again, Will!
c180 by Will Alcott

Alex Bigey finished his Cessna 185 in Australian airliner markings. The stickers are from Ronin Decals in Australia:

Click here to read Alex's review of this kit on ARC.

Alex's second Khee-Kha Cessna 185 was finished with the EDO 2960 floats & Norwegian markings from Lima November Decals:

Here's one built and photographed by STEVE KALLAN:
Steve Kallan build
"My compliments to you on this vac- it was well thought out and well executed; once past the cutting out of the window areas the rest is a dream to put together." -Steve Kallan

Once again highlighting the versatility of the Khee-Kha 180/185 kit, Long Luu finished his Cessna as a U-17 of the VNAF:
Once again highlighting the versatility of the Khee-Kha 180/185 kit, Long Luu's Cessna finished as a U-17 of the VNAF
Harry Follas finished his 185 with home-made ink jet decals and a super mask-and-airbrush job.

"My completed Cessna 185, a ski-plane with Mount Cook Airlines of New Zealand around about 1977. A great model kit, I'm very glad you produced it." -Harry Follas

Harry Follas continues to send photos of Cessna models he's building for himself and others now on his 1:72 assembly line in New Zealand. Lovely custom decal work here:

  PLAN SET and MONOGRAPH for Russel Merrill's Anchorage Air Transport TravelAir CW/7000
Using the Khee-Kha 1:72 plan set, some sheet styrene and techniques posted on Claudio Luchina's Wings of Intent scratch-building blog, Charles Christenson completed a model of Russ Merrill's ultra-rare TravelAir 7000 cabin biplane. This was both Charlie's first full scratch-build and the first time I've seen the plan set used. Congratulations, Charlie!
Floats, parts, conversion kits

Claudio Luchina * Max Lacobara * Eric Hagedorn * Wolfgang Stadler * Lars Opland * Charles Christenson * Michael Taylor

CLAUDIO LUCHINA converted the Special Hobby Orion into Wiley Post's Orion-Explorer by adding scratch built Explorer wings and Edo J-5300 floats from Khee-Kha:

MAX LACOBARA equipped his scratch-built Fokker Super Universal with Edo J-5300 floats from Khee-Kha Art.
(The "water" is an odorless, non-toxic product from Woodland Scenics.)

Eric Hagedorn pulled out all the stops with the Turbo Otter Vazar nose conversion, adding Archer's decal rivet strips and dozens of other details, and modeled Whistler Air's C-GEND:
Whistler Air

Wolfgang Stadler didn't stop at the nose, creating, among other things, his own decals for the new (2012?) Harbour Air livery:

"In addition to the nose conversion I changed the windows and wingtips, scribed and riveted the fuselage and wings, stretched the floats and made custom decals. The truck was built from a PJ Productions Chevy truck. I really enjoyed building the model and using your perfect conversion parts!"
Harbour Air CFIUZ
Charles Christenson built this 1:72 KP Super Cub on Khee-Kha's EDO 2000 floats:

Michael Taylor's 1:72 PA-18 Super Cub from KP, modified with extended wing tips and rolled out on Khee-Kha's 31" tundra tires:

Our youngest grandson really likes model airplanes hung from ceilings, so I made a Cessna mobile out of rejected vac moldings for his "big" Christmas present this winter. It must be admitted that Harry Follas inspired me to finally try out ALL of the kit options on these 6 simplified builds... including a pair of EDO 38-3430's modified to 582-3430's for the 185 float plane, as seen on some Cessnas and Helio Couriers here in Alaska.

No interiors, no windows, no r.n.'s, no extra details; just good, clean fun, a rattle-can paint job and some paint sprayed on clear decal stock for slicing into trim strips. There's also solid core solder in the noses for level flight attitude. I took these photos while it was hanging in my workshop, waiting for the big day:

Extra nose parts in the MPM Vega floatplane kit add the possibility of modelling some very interesting examples of the type. All the MPM kit needs are the proper floats:
Vega NC103W
^ Alaska-Washington Airways Lockheed Vega NC103W "Juneau", circa 1930 (above)^

v ...then there's the Norwegian Vega, N-41/LN-ABD "Qarrtsiluni"; an Antarctic explorer (below). v
Vega N-41
(Illustrations by Lars Opland)

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